McMullin Property operates as a fully integrated property developer offering a complete range of services from project inception through to completion. 

McMullin’s clients and joint venture partners benefit from the wealth of experience coupled with a flexible approach, ensuring the best possible outcomes for each and every project.


McMullin Property has a strong history of creating strong and successful joint venture partnerships.

Over the years McMullin Property has partnered with active development groups, passive investment partners and statutory bodies.

McMullin Property creates mutually rewarding outcomes by customising their involvement to suit each projects’ requirements. A broad range of capabilities and a flexible attitude allows McMullin Property to provide;

  • project equity
  • project design, development and project management
  • flexible finance arrangements
  • project leasing, property management and sales services

McMullin Property’s diverse range of joint ventures and partnerships to date have included;

  • property development with landowners and Municipal Councils
  • agreements with other development groups such as Real Estate Equity Funds, managed by financial institutions, targeting a specific return on equity
  • working with groups to provide facilities to suit their specific management experience and/or licenses that they possess such as Aged Care and Medical facilities
  • equity investment in non-property related businesses

McMullin Property is a true end-to-end development group creating successful developments whilst minimising investment risk.

McMullin Property takes a hands-on, open-minded approach to development. With diverse experience and skills the group is able  to add value in the following project stages;

  • acquisition review and technical due diligence
  • project feasibility and development analysis
  • assistance with Lease Agreements and Contracts of Sale
  • co-ordination of finance options
  • rezoning potential and town planning analysis
  • land subdivision
  • risk analysis and mitigation strategies
  • sales and marketing strategy coordination

McMullin Property’s Project Management team is experienced in the planning, organisation, management and delivery of complex development projects

McMullin’s Project Management team can manage all aspects of a project’s delivery, ensuring a seamless outcome in the following areas;

  • selection of consultant teams based on a project’s specific requirements
  • design and build ability management
  • selection of suitable Builders
  • early contact with Councils – Pre-application meetings
  • management of tender process and engagement of contractors
  • project timeline and budget monitoring
  • coordination of specific purchaser and tenant requirements during construction
  • acting as Client side agent or Construction Superintendent
  • cash flow management including finance drawdowns
  • seamless project handover, including management of commissioning and defects liability periods

McMullin Property regularly develops properties that are retained as long term investments within the broader McMullin Group of Companies.

Investments are held within McMullin Property itself or by our associated company, MPG Funds Management (

McMullin has established processes for the efficient and effective management of property assets including:

  • tenant management and lease administration
  • property management and maintenance
  • essential services maintenance and record keeping
  • building and public liability insurance
  • tenant retention and re-leasing
  • refurbishment and capital expenditure works

McMullin Property regularly invests in business opportunities within the property market and other businesses.

McMullin Property investments may be in the form of;

  • land acquisition in future growth corridors
  • partnerships and joint ventures in property developments
  • investment in non-property based businesses and opportunities
  • innovative acquisition strategies for buildings post planning phase or during construction

Opportunities regularly arise for investment in McMullin Property projects by external, corporate and private investors through our associated investment company, MPG Funds Management.

McMullin Property has well-established, long-term relationships with many of Australia’s major banks and financial institutions.

McMullin Property’s reputation is backed by a great depth of financial and accounting experience. This has driven its strong track record of positive financing outcomes.

McMullin Property’s team draws on its vast experience and intimate understanding of the key investment criteria used by major financial institutions when arranging funding proposals for development projects. This facilitates successful finance proposals that focus on specific, critical project requirements.

Always on the look-out for new joint-venture partnerships, McMullin Property looks at opportunities for mutually beneficial outcomes.

McMullin Property also has access to extensive internal resources for targeted project funding.