Watch Aldi Coburg literally coming out of the ground! Through time-lapse photography, you can watch this build that in reality took months in fast forward, we can view it in less than one minute.

McMullin Property worked as the Project Manager of the Aldi Coburb store that opened in 2019. Built by Vaughan Constructions for the Developer Fort Knox Self Storage, this Aldi Supermarket is located at 1009/1011 Sydney Rd, Coburg North VIC 3058.

This store is part of the Australian Aldi expansion, which has seen strong growth since day one, with its Australian debut store opened in 2001. Now amongst Australia’s top 10 retailers, there are over 500 stores throughout NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, and WA.

According to Roy Morgan’s ‘Fresh Food & Grocery Report’ Aldi has increased its market share from 6.7% in 2011, to 12.4% today. While it’s still a fair way behind Australia’s two supermarket giants, to put this growth in perspective, Aldi is now approaching half of the market share held by Coles Group.” says Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine. “Aldi’s customer penetration numbers are also growing strongly.”

The Fresh Food and Grocery Report shows:

  • Woolworths Group had a market share of 32.9% ($34 billion) of the total grocery market, a decrease of 0.7% compared with a year earlier
  • Coles Group on 26.6% (-1.4%) ($27.4 billion)
  • Aldi on 12.4% (+0.6%) ($12.8 billion)
  • Fresh Food Stores on 11.8% (+0.5%) ($12.2 billion)
  • Other Supermarkets on 9.1% (+1.3%) ($9.4 billion)
  • IGA on 7.3% (-0.1%) ($7.5 billion)