Our commercial property developments sometimes present unique challenges. Our latest development in Melbournes north ‘Wallan Junction’, set on a large 14,000m2 allotment on the corner of High Street, Williams Street and Bentinck Street in Wallan, is no exception.

Ideally positioned, this gateway location delivers high traffic and high exposure, in a rapidly growing town and growth corridor.

Our new commercial development comprising large format retail, fuel, light industrial and residential will capitalise on the strengths of this location. Over 50 years ago, for many of the same reasons, it was then considered the ideal site for the regions new Church.

When McMullin purchased this land, it also took over the ownership of a lovely building that had been, until recently, the local Catholic Church, ‘Our Lady of The Way’.

This sale allowed the church to complete their new development elsewhere in the town and move into their new premises.

Although part of the township since 1969, this lovely white weatherboard church was not original to Wallan and, as a building, had been modified when moved. Therefore, it was not deemed significant to the area’s heritage, and there was no requirement to retain the church.

Although part of the township since 1969, this lovely white weatherboard church was not original to Wallan and was in fact relocated to this position from its original location, 85 km away in Graytown. This being the case, the McMullin team decided that rather than losing this charming building through demolition, we would try to seek an alternative use for the building somewhere else, giving it a chance to start a new chapter in its life.

It took some time, but eventually, a suitable new owner was found, and the Church has now been relocated a little over 100 km to Newstead, in North West Victoria. The new owner will carefully restore and breathe new life into the building as a reimagined residential dwelling and a unique venue to host acoustic musical performances.

The McMullin team were proud to be involved in this unique journey, and to prolong the life of this wonderful building.

Image courtesy of Richard Cooper

This pretty white church has had quite a history!

  • 1919.

    This Church was built in Graytown, Victoria, which had been a thriving gold mining town. The Church was originally known as Saint Augustine’s.

  • 1942 – 1947.

    Graytown became a POW Camp during the war. The 266 Italians, Germans, and Finnish POWs, who were Catholic, attended Saint Augustine’s as their place of worship.

  • 1948.

    The church was the last major building left after the war as the town fell into dereliction.

  • 1969.

    The Church was moved 85 km from Graytown to Wallan. This came about because the 1969 Fires destroyed the Darraweit Guim Catholic Church, leaving the growing Wallan township without a local Catholic Church. Mr and Mrs Bernie Laffan of Laffan’s Garage spearheaded the negotiations that led to the purchase and relocation of the Church. The Church was renamed Our Lady Of The Way.

  • 2019.

    The Church was in continuous use until a new church and primary school, also named Our Lady Of The Way, was built in Wallan East and officially opened in 2019.

  • 2021.

    The Church leaves Wallan, travels a little over 100 km to Newstead, where it is to be used for residential accommodation and host acoustic musical performances.

1969. Our Lady Of The Way, relocated to Wallan.
Image courtesy Barbara Laffan

2020. Our Lady Of The Way, Wallan

2020. Inside Our Lady Of The Way Church, Wallan
Image courtesy of Barry Plant Real Estate