McMullin recently celebrated the momentous occasion of the Kaduna Business Park Ground Breaking Ceremony. Our Chairman, Peter McMullin AM, officiated the event and was joined by esteemed guests, including the Treasurer for Victoria, Mr Tim Pallas, Local Member for Pakenham, Ms Emma Vulin MP, Shire of Cardinia Mayor Cr. Tammy Radford, and Shire of Cardinia CEO Carol Jeffs.

This milestone signifies the on-site commencement of an exciting journey that began when McMullin, in partnership with Parklea, purchased a 92-hectare parcel of land, now known as the Cardinia Road Employment Precinct (CREP).

With the first two stages already sold, Kaduna Business Park, located at 295 Cardinia Road Officer South, is set to redefine Melbourne’s South Eastern Industrial sector. It will offer expansive landscaped open spaces, unmatched worker amenities, excellent freeway access, and a diverse range of lot sizes to accommodate various businesses.

In his speech at the Kaduna Business Park ground-breaking ceremony, Tim Pallas, the Treasurer of Victoria, emphasised the vital connection between job creation and community development. He stated, “We shouldn’t be transporting communities to jobs; we should be transporting jobs to communities.” This quote underscores the importance of bringing employment opportunities closer to where people live, promoting self-sufficiency and complete communities.

Furthermore, the Treasurer highlighted Officer South’s role as a powerhouse of development in the region, stating, “Officer South is set to become an industrial powerhouse and a massive creator of jobs for this community.” This statement emphasises Officer South’s significant economic growth potential and ability to serve as a hub for job opportunities. His speech highlighted the government’s commitment to fostering business investments that facilitate job creation and support growing communities, emphasising the critical link between housing and accessible employment opportunities.

Mayor Cr Tammy Radford also spoke as part of the Ground Breaking Ceremony. She focused on the project’s significance and potential for economic growth, welcoming McMullin to develop again in the region, “This project joins the established SouthEast Business Park in McMullin’s growing portfolio of Business Parks within The Cardinia Shire.”

The Mayor highlighted Kaduna Business Park’s early success, with two of eight stages already sold, and underscored strong community anticipation. She stressed the strategic location of the Business Park off the Princess Freeway, positioning it to become a hub for local, regional, and national businesses, highlighting the long-standing desire for more industrial opportunities within the Shire. She expressed optimism about the positive impact of the Kaduna Business Park on the local economy and job opportunities.

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