About The Project

CooperRex Business Park reflects McMullin’s commitment as a commercial and industrial property developer to provide developments that meld thoughtful design, functional layouts, environmental efficiency, and market demand. This project encompasses 17 warehouse/office units with a level of design and amenities that exceed market expectations.

Project Overview
Name CooperRex Business Park
Industry Industrial / Commercial Property Development
Duration 12 Months
Size 7,455 sqm land area; 4,521 sqm building area; 17 individual units
Location 280 Rex Road Campbellfield
Value Construction Cost $7 m; Total Project Value $16 m
Key Team • Project Manager, Property Developer – McMullin
• Builder – C3 Construction Group
• Architect – JDZ Building Design
The Inception:

CooperRex Business Park originated from a more significant 2.6 ha land holding which had frontages to both Cooper Street and Rex Road. Whilst the property was well located, it had numerous constraints that had previously prevented development occurring. McMullin leveraged their end-to-end development experience to unlock the potential of the large site and create real value. The large site was subdivided into three parcels, one of which became CooperRex Business Park.

McMullin’s Role:

McMullin maintained full control of the project at all stages to ensure a high-quality industrial complex was delivered. We managed the entire design phase and obtained planning approval for development and subdivision. Construction works were tendered, managed and funded by McMullin without a requirement for external finance.
All sales and marketing were arranged in-house

Major Challenge:

To allow development to proceed, the project faced significant challenges requiring navigating of complex regulatory requirements. This included the conservation of significant trees, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, Restrictive Covenants and multiple Authority approvals.


Through proactive leadership, McMullin effectively orchestrated the consent and permit process. The team’s hands-on approach ensured that potential issues were identified at an early stage and managed through to a very successful completion. The resulting design incorporates a large River Red Gum tree to provide amenity for the occupants.

Significant Achievement:

A hallmark of McMullin’s enduring legacy in Melbourne’s property development landscape, the CooperRex Business Park stands as a significant achievement in our portfolio. By overcoming multifaceted challenges through innovation and meticulous planning, we not only navigated complex regulatory landscapes but also embedded sustainability and functionality into the fabric of the development. This project is a testament to our ability to transform underutilised spaces into thriving business ecosystems, setting a new standard for regional industrial and commercial spaces.

At McMullin, the completion of CooperRex Business Park is a considerable milestone; it reflects our hands-on approach and genuine commitment to making a difference in the spaces we develop. Through this project, we’ve tackled some tough challenges, but importantly, we’ve learned, adapted, and developed an approach that has ultimately delivered an outstanding final product.

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