About The Project

Liberty Service Centre Campbellfield is a prime example of McMullin’s expertise in transforming complex sites into premier commercial spaces. Completed in 2023 and located at 27 Cooper Street, Campbellfield, this $5M project underscores our commitment to innovation and quality. Overcoming multiple regulatory hurdles to create essential access for Liberty Retail, McMullin’s hands-on management and strategic partnerships drove this project to success. Liberty Campbellfield showcases our dedication to delivering high-quality developments that meet our client’s evolving needs, reinforcing our position as a leader in Melbourne’s property development sector.

Project Overview
Name Liberty Campbellfield
Industry Industrial / Commercial Property Development
Duration August 2022 – July 2023
Size 4,736 sqm land area, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of its occupants
Location 27 Cooper Street, Campbellfield
Value $5m
Client Campbellfield Properties Pty Ltd
Tenant Liberty Retail
Key Team • McMullin – Developer, Project Manager and Financier
• Multifield Construction Group – Builder
• i2C Architects – Architect
• Reeds Consulting – Specialist Land Development & Civil Consultants
The Inception:

Liberty Campbellfield’s journey began with a vision to transform a well-located but underutilised land holding of 2.6 ha on Cooper Street near the corner of Rex Road in Campbellfield. There were many challenges that had previously prevented this significant site from being developed despite its prime position. McMullin saw the opportunities and backed their end-to-end development process to unlock the site’s potential, creating a valuable commercial site. Our solution included the activation of the property frontage through the addition of a new service lane. This made the site an excellent location for a fuel provider.

McMullin’s Role:

From the get-go, McMullin maintained complete control of the project, ensuring every stage of Liberty Campbellfield’s development met our high standards. Our involvement spanned from the initial design and planning approvals to overseeing construction without needing external finance. Our team’s commitment was to deliver a development that wasn’t just high quality but also aligned with Liberty Retail.

Major Challenge:

The path to realising Liberty Campbellfield had its challenges. Creating a service road on Cooper Street was a crucial component in opening up access and visibility to the site. Approvals were needed from multiple authorities, including the Department of Transport, Hume Council, Yarra Valley Water and Jemena. Coordinating this process alongside simultaneous construction works required exceptional management and coordination skills.


McMullin’s proactive, determined leadership steered the project through these challenges. With a hands-on approach, we navigated the complexities of obtaining necessary consents and permits, leveraging our relationships and industry know-how to keep the project on track despite delays. Our ability to work closely with all parties involved showcased our commitment to overcoming hurdles and creating solutions to ensure the successful delivery of our project.

Significant Achievement:

Liberty Campbellfield is a testament to McMullin’s dedication to delivering excellence, no matter the complexity of the challenge. Our ability to maintain our commitment to Liberty Retail and provide a high-quality asset within the agreed timelines highlights our capacity for innovation, collaboration, and leadership in Melbourne’s industrial and commercial property development. This project strengthened our relationship with Liberty Retail and reinforced our reputation as a developer that delivers on its promises.

This project reflects our ethos of tackling challenges head-on and our dedication to creating spaces that meet the evolving needs of our clients and communities. Liberty Campbellfield has again proven our ability to navigate the complexities of property development, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and our role as a trusted partner in Melbourne’s industrial and commercial property development sector.