Wallan Junction Retail Development:
A Modern Retail Hub with a Country Touch

About The Project

Wallan Junction Retail Development is a key part of the significant 14,000m2 corner allotment owned by McMullin at the prominent northern gateway to Wallan, 50 km north of Melbourne’s CBD. This is a $15m development featuring five large-format retail tenancies totalling 3300m2 and a 7-Eleven fuel and retail store. With its modern design and country-style aesthetic, the project not only enhances the retail landscape of Wallan but also serves as a critical component of a broader vision to improve the overall amenity of the precinct.

Project Overview
Name Wallan Junction Retail Development
Industry Commercial / Retail Property Development
Duration May 2022 to June 2023
Size 5 Large Format Retail (LFR) Tenancies totalling 3300sqm, and a 7-Eleven fuel and retail store
Location 140 – 156 High Street, Wallan
Value $15m
Tenants 7-Eleven, Pets Domain, Premix King, Autobarn, Fantastic Variety, Salvo’s Store
Project Team
  • Developer – McMullin
  • Builder – Becon Constructions
  • Architect – The Retail Group
The Inception:

Recognising a high demand for large-format retail in communities on the fringes of Melbourne, such as Wallan, McMullin strategically secured an option to purchase a 10,000sqm parcel of land in a high-profile location. The subsequent acquisition of an additional parcel expanded the site to around 14,000sqm, significantly enhancing its development potential. With 7-Eleven as the anchor tenant, the project was meticulously designed to maximise efficiency and appeal.

McMullin’s Role:

As both the landowner and developer, McMullin managed the entire development process end-to-end, from land acquisition to tenant handover. Our comprehensive approach ensured a seamless transition through each phase, resulting in a retail hub of exceptional design, build and functionality that meets the needs of both tenants and the community.

Major Challenge:

The site’s significant slope presented a design challenge, requiring careful integration of retaining walls and multiple access points while adhering to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) gradients. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic posed obstacles to obtaining approval from authorities, as most government staff were working remotely.


Our team and trusted design consultants proactively engaged with road authorities and the council to secure an agreement on on-site access arrangements. Despite the hurdles posed by the pandemic, our relentless efforts ensured that all necessary approvals were obtained, paving the way for the development’s progress.

Significant Achievement:

Wallan Junction Retail Development has redefined the retail landscape in Wallan, setting a new standard in design and quality. Drawing inspiration from Wallan’s heritage, the development features a blend of bricks, timber, and steel, creating a modern retail building with a country-style aesthetic. The landscaping surrounding the development has further enhanced the area’s overall amenity, establishing Wallan Junction as a gateway site that enriches the local precinct.

The Wallan Junction Retail Development illustrates McMullin’s ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions. By blending modern design with traditional elements, we have created a retail hub that not only meets the needs of our tenants but has also been well-received and contributes positively to the Wallan community. This project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and commercial and large-format retail property development expertise.

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