Exciting Progress at The Sale Yards: Warragul’s Upcoming Larger Format Retail Development

McMullin is excited to share that construction has officially commenced at The Sale Yards, our ambitious larger-format retail development in the bustling town of Warragul, Victoria. With the planning permit approval phase successfully completed, we have transitioned to the active construction stage, bringing us one step closer to transforming the retail landscape of Warragul and providing a premium-quality retail destination to the local community.

Project Overview

Set to become a preeminent shopping destination, The Sale Yards reflects the rich history of its location while meeting the modern-day needs of consumers. Spanning a significant area, the development will host a variety of larger-format retail stores, offering an extensive selection of products and services. The architectural design of The Sale Yards is meticulously planned to blend seamlessly with Warragul’s aesthetic, ensuring a visually appealing and functional shopping environment.

Location Advantages

Located in the heart of Warragul, The Sale Yards enjoys a strategic position capitalising on the town’s growing population and status as a regional hub. Its proximity to major transportation routes, including the VLINE train service, ensures easy access for residents and visitors from surrounding areas, promoting high foot traffic and enhanced visibility for businesses within The Sale Yards.

Community Benefit

The development promises to positively impact the local community by providing more shopping options close to home, reducing residents’ need to travel to neighbouring towns. The Sale Yards is expected to create numerous job opportunities, thus contributing to Warragul’s economic growth. Additionally, it will serve as a communal space for residents to gather, shop, and socialise, which is anticipated to improve the overall quality of life in the area.

Construction Timeline

With construction now underway, The Sale Yards is on track to mark the beginning of a new era for Warragul’s retail landscape. With meticulous attention to detail, the project’s progress will continue from now on, moving through each phase of development, ensuring the project not only meets but exceeds the high standards set by McMullin. 

We look forward to updating the community on significant milestones and developments as we move toward the grand opening.

Leasing Opportunities

The Sale Yards presents a vibrant opportunity for retailers and businesses aiming to expand their presence in a thriving regional market. A variety of spaces are available to suit different business needs, enabling companies to showcase their products and services optimally. 

For more information or to express interest in leasing opportunities, please get in touch with Josh McMullin on 0400 248 016 or joshmcmullin@mcmullin.com.au from McMullin.

The Sale Yards is poised to offer a unique shopping experience tailored to the needs of the Warragul community. With its strategic location, thoughtful design, and positive impact on the local economy, this development is set to become a cornerstone of the retail sector in Warragul. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress in this landmark development.