McMullin offers flexibility, experience, and versatile skills in all aspects of property development and project management. Working across commercial, industrial, aged care, medical, residential and large format retail real estate developments, McMullin has a collaborative approach to working with clients and partners.

Our team regularly works closely with partners to deliver the specific skills required to achieve the best outcome for a project.


The McMullin team have extensive experience developing property across a range of sectors, including;

  • Business Parks
  • Aged Care & Retirement

  • Commercial

  • Large Format Retail
  • Industrial

  • Residential


McMullin takes a hands-on, open-minded approach to property development. With a great depth of experience and availability of diverse skills.

Through each stage of a project McMullin has the skills, knowledge, and experience to add value to developments through;

  • Acquisition review and technical due diligence
  • Project feasibility and development analysis
  • Rezoning potential and town planning analysis
  • Coordination of finance options
  • Rezoning potential and town planning analysis
  • Land subdivision
  • Risk analysis and mitigation strategies
  • Sales and marketing strategy coordination


The McMullin team works on the planning, organisation, management and delivery of complex property development projects.

With our in-house Project Management team, we have experience and the capability to manage the delivery of diverse property development, ensuring a seamless outcome in the following areas;

  • Selection of consultant team based on project requirements
  • Design and buildability management
  • Selection of suitable Builders
  • Early contact with Councils – pre-application meetings
  • Control of tender process and engagement of contractors
  • Project timeline and budget monitoring
  • Coordination of specific purchaser and tenant requirements during construction
  • Acting as a Client Agent or Construction Superintendent
  • Cash flow management including finance drawdowns
  • Seamless project handover, including management of commissioning and defects liability periods